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Welcome to TATVA Heritage( MAHAD ) Live With Nature’s Elements...

Beauty of this project leaves the beholder SPEECHLESS!!

MAHAD is one such creation in the lap of Konkan, which is rich in flora and fauna with clear   beautiful stream, hot springs, cascading waterfalls with spectacular, stunning, scenery all along the   Konkan side by the beautiful Arabian sea. MAHAD the economically growing city, is a potent tourist   interest, because of its Mythological, Airy, Historical and Social importance.

A fifty acres of nature friendly, river touch, life style project, coming up near fastest growing city of Mahad Nearest railway station-Sape Vamne. TATVA heritage is a small world in itself on the banks of Savitri River, with stay adorned nature’s bounty. TATVA heritage is tastefully designed as Resort and Residential project with recreational areas, beatification, well planned infrastructure and amenities.